The History Of MHYC


Mentor Harbor Yachting Club – as it stands today – is the result of extensive planning going back to far-seeing members who, in July 1928, organized the original club. Through a series of events, the club has survived the events of 1929, has weathered the lean war years, and has reinvested in its infrastructure to become what we know today.

The membership owes a deep debt of gratitude to a succession of dedicated officers and directors who, over the years had the vision and follow-through to bring these dreams to fruition. Here’s how it came about from the start way back when. Harbor Yachting Club, originally incorporated in 1928, barely survived its initial eight years during the depression. Once through this period, the club regrouped, and has continued to grow throughout the years.

The History Of MHYC Marsh

On a bright August afternoon, when the rows of handsome cruisers lie easily at their docks and only the smallest boats in the lagoons try to point out each change of the wind, it is natural to find yourself believing that Mentor Harbor has always been as it is now, but this is a quiet trick which an agreeable scene plays on you

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