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Falcon Cup Race

2014 Mentor Harbor Yachting Club Falcon Cup - August 9

2013 Photos Dave Mathias

The Falcon Cup, which was donated by the late Commodore R. A. Bostwick, has been raced between Rocky River (Cleveland Yachting Club) and Mentor (Mentor Harbor Yachting Club) since 1938. The race for the Falcon Trophy is open to single hulled cruising auxiliary sailboats with a minimum of 6,000 lbs. displacement and measuring no less than 25 feet overall. The boats must have a permanently mounted inboard engine with a shaft and propeller, be outfitted with bunks, stove and a head. Converted racing boats are specifically barred from entering. The committee reserves the right to refuse entry to any boat not within the spirit of the race; any boat which the committee deems unseaworthy; or any boat not entered from an Inter-Lake Yachting Association member yacht club. Read more about the Falcon Cup's history.

The Sundance Trophy Race will be sailed concurrently with the Falcon Cup. It is open to boats which do not meet one or more of the criteria established for the Falcon Cup Race. Entrants must be members of an Inter-Lake Yachting Association Yacht Club.

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